Учениця 11 класу Тимків Анастасія серед переможців конкурсу есе, організованого Представництвом ЄС в Україні

Маємо переможний результат участі в конкурсі загальноукраїнського рівня!
Есе учениці 11-Б класу Тимків Анастасії увійшло до дванадцятки найкращих творів за результатами конкурсу, що проводився Представництвом Європейського Союзу в Україні European Union in Ukraine з нагоди 10 річниці Революції Гідності та 30-річчя встановлення дипломатичних відносин між Україною і ЄС.
Науковим керівником талановитої ліцеїстки є вчитель української мови та літератури Сербін Ольга Василівна.
07.03.2024 у Києві (у Представництві ЄС) відбулось нагородження переможців конкурсу.
10 років Євромайдану: як європейські цінності визначили шлях України
2014. It shook the whole of Europe, because a powerful and unconquered protest of the free against the tyrant, the brave against the ruling elite, the stubborn against established stereotypes, the irreconcilable against violence was born in its center.
The timid and true steps of students near the Christmas tree – and the brutal beating of young people by Berkut. Then – a resolute, months-long protest by adults and the entire society in the center of the capital – on the Maidan as a manifestation of the European orientation of all Ukrainians: from the West to the East, from the North and the South. And, of course, Kyivans themselves.
Standing on the Maidan, living on the Maidan, spending the night on the Maidan, defending one’s position on the Maidan, perhaps waiting for death on the Maidan. For snipers, ordinary people became squirrels, which they aimed at, as if on a hunt, cynically thirsting for blood. I remember the burned peaceful protesters who were burned by the enemy in the House of Trade Unions. It seemed that this was the limit that could not be crossed, because the Heavenly Hundred and its blood on the cobblestones and on Instytutska Street appeared to be an enormous sacrifice for independence and European values.
If we knew what would happen in 10 years, the Maidan would probably have a different face. Quo vadis, Ukraine? – Saint Peter would ask if he were there. No one knew how this confrontation would end. 2014 spiraled into 2024. 10 years of war – positional, trench, front, volunteer.
What did the protesters on the Maidan stand for? Ordinary people from the most remote villages, educated and without special knowledge, businessmen and ordinary workers – they all understood one thing: the rule of law – one of the basic principles in the activities of the European Union – was systematically and for many years violated in the daily life of all Ukraine. President Yanukovych and the symbol of his poor rule – the golden loaf – has become a symbol of the brutal violation of the rule of law. We are patient, sometimes too much. But we are indignant when someone encroaches on our dignity. An example of this was the birth of the Cossacks in its time – the 17th century. And this, in my opinion, is a European feature of our national character. So the Ukrainians got impatient, and they chased the President away at the cost of the lives of the Heavenly Hundred.
So the Maidan determined the vector of Ukrainian history until today, provoking a new round of aggressions and, ultimately, a full-scale invasion of the Russian army into the territory of Ukraine. The northern neighbor cannot accept that Ukrainians aspire to democracy, to the protection of human rights, freedom, equality, respect for human dignity. The events in unsweetened Izyum, Buchi, where mass graves and torture chambers for people were found in the occupied territories, mass graves in the Red Forest prove that the right to life was systematically violated and cynically neglected by the Russian authorities and mercenaries, both on the Maidan and in the launched full-scale war against Ukrainians – civilians, not even military.
Primus inter pares – this is what Caesar was called in Rome, and this saying is still an example of a democratic way of life of citizens, where equality is regulated and normalized by law, and not by the whims of the top and their omnipotence. Thousands of ruined lives, millions of hearts broken by adversity and war, hundreds of broken legs and arms that need prostheses, thousands of graves, over which the Ukrainian flag flies and where the knights of the will who laid down the most valuable thing – their lives – for European values have found peace. And then, on the Maidan, and now Ukrainians are fighting and dying for one thing – so that their families and themselves are not slaves to the Russian regime of lawlessness and anarchy, but live with the hope of justice and equality in a European state.
I believe that victory awaits us, because the light must overcome the darkness, but the price of this confrontation is the fate and lives of Ukrainian defenders, who learned to fight on the battlefield, fighting and protecting their brothers, providing a shoulder that could be hit by a bullet or a drone. We, Ukrainians, should rethink our historical mission, review the features of the national character and overcome excessive patience with the enemy, with a neighbor who is corrupt, with a politician who abuses his position. We should be guided by European values, where there is transparency, openness, and honesty, because our future is created on the battlefield at the cost of years of blood and streams of tears of mothers and wives. The sun of freedom must burn the roots of corruption and inhumanity in our country, because the price is too high.
Тимків Анастасія Любомирівна,
учениця 11 класу Калуського ліцею ім. Дмитра Бахматюка
Науковий керівник:
Сербін Ольга Василівна,
учитель української мови та літератури



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